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Rigging and Hoisting

We understand that rigging and hoisting operations are an important component of both installations and relocations. This element requires careful planning, experienced labour and the right equipment.

Our licensed operators, riggers, and erectors can move machinery or equipment of any size, any weight, in any place using engineered lifting equipment, dollies, and specialty equipment for moving awkward or unusual loads into tight spaces.

We approach every project with an attention to detail

Our projects include:

  • Oversized Machinery
  • Clean Rooms
  • Presses
  • Silos & Tanks
  • Cooling Tower
  • Electrical Equipment, switch gear
  • Roof Top Equipment
  • Generators
  • Transformers
  • Chillers
  • HVAC
  • UPS

We have the experience and expertise to complete your rigging and hoisting job safely and efficiently.

We have experience working on high-rise buildings

In one case, JB Millwrighting had to hoist and position HVAC equipment which measured 3-metre x 11-metre (10-feet x 33-feet) up 36 metres (118 feet) and through a wall opening. The unit was in 5 pieces, the largest of which had only inches of clearance. Our team had to reassemble the equipment and install it properly, all in a day’s work.

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