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Many of our employees have 20 or more years of experience covering a variety of major industry segments. This makes us a knowledgeable mobile work force that understands many different industries and their plant environments.

In the event of a breakdown, we can do trouble shooting and then conduct repairs if you don’t have the necessary staff available. The goal is to return to production as quickly as possible. We have provided services ranging from weekend-long repairs of breakdowns to providing one millwright for weeks on end to upgrade jigs and fixtures as they became available during the course of production cycles.

Our team can work independently or together with your staff. It’s all up to you.

Our Services Include

  • Regular scheduled maintenance as required: 1 day a week, one week a month, etc.
  • Shift coverage when you are short handed as a result of vacations, illness, or seasonal demand.
  • Realignment of couplings to reduce vibration and wear.
  • Lubrication of production lines.
  • Repairing breakdowns.
  • Visual inspection.
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